I started using my body to express myself through dance as a child. I learned that my love for dance had nothing to do with an audience but for the pure freedom and release it allowed me.  I took my first yoga class in 1996, which helped pave the way toward a body based career. While at the Academy of Massage Therapy in 2000, I was boggled by the capacity of the human body, was truly inspired and wanted to know more.

I trained with Kathleen Hunt in the teacher-training program at Samadhi Yoga Center in 2006, and started incorporating more and more movement and education into my massage sessions. I was seeking a bigger framework for bodywork, and found Structural Integration. The teachers and mentors at the Northwest School of Hellerwork broadened my horizons. Their guidance along with the endlessly fascinating Structural Integration model has allowed me the freedom to work in a different paradigm for the body.

Since 2010, I've co-taught with, learned from and been inspired by Laura Prudhomme. We co-founded 'Loving Fiercely', and lead classes, workshops and retreats combining therapeutic movement, yoga, and structural integration. You can find out more about us and our offerings by emailing

I love working with people and am truly inspired by the body and the human experience in its entirety. My goal is to facilitate connection to the self, with physical and emotional integrity through heart centered teamwork. We’re all teachers and students, in every second, every relationship, with every interaction, we are in it together, learning.

  • Academy of Massage Therapy - Englewood, NJ – 2001
  • Port Townsend School of Massage - Port Townsend, WA – 2003
  • Samadhi Yoga Teacher Training - Seattle, WA – 2006
  • Pacific Rim College – Northwest Hellerwork Training - Victoria, BC – 2008