My aim is to help facilitate a deeper connection between mind and body, using a variety of modalities. I, most often and specifically, employ Hellerwork Structural Integration, therapeutic massage and movement. I love working within the realm of  injury rehabilitation, remobilization, movement awareness, somatic explorations and also just general relaxation. 

I tailor the work to meet you where you are on any given day. Your comfort level, needs and goals will dictate how we spend our time together. I generally work within a 75- 90 minute framework, but can shorten  or lengthen as needed. 

  • Contact me for current rates

I believe that bodywork is not only incredibly powerful but necessary and should be available to everyone regardless of income, so I do work with a sliding scale. If you have a sincere desire, we will work something out.

I don't work with or bill insurance directly, but am able to provide a 'superbill', that you can submit to your insurance and be reimbursed in full or part for your payment to me. This varies on the plan and insurance company so check with your provider to see if that might be an option for you. 

  • 24 hour cancelation notice, please.